07 Jan 2016

The management of AQUACHIM with care for future generations.

             Aquachim with care for the young generation

The team of AQACHIM consists of 58 people – chemists, biologists, medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers, economists, administrators and others. Each employee of AQUACHIM combines personal with professional life. As in every family and in the families of our employees one of the greatest joys is the birth of a child. In relation to this AQUACHIM" worship the birth rate among employees and supports the parents. During the years the company established the tradition to purchase a present for every newborn child of an employee of "AQUACHIM." The gift meet the needs and preferences of the family, such as stroller, a crib, toys,ect. for the newborn.


          Image: Newborn girl and grown-up boy of Mrs. Antoinette Garova.

In this regard, we are pleased to announce that since the beginning of 2015 until now, the newborn children of our employees are: the baby of Mr. Kalin Pavlov - Product Manager of Immunology and Hematology and the baby of Mrs. Antoinette Garova - Marketing Specialist. We wish them good health, happiness, respect their parents and may someday go beyond their accomplishments in life.

Imige: grown dother of Mr. Pavlov - Mrs Katalina.


                                                                                                                                                                                        By the managment of AQUACHIM.